When my brother started his own company, he had three contractors that helped him with various jobs. He would always tell them the pay for each job that they were hired for, and they would either accept it or tell him they could not do it. Since the money is good, they almost always accept his jobs. He would give them their pay at the end of the week, usually in cash, along with a handwritten receipt for it. When I found a paystub generator online that would make his pay day a lot more professional, I showed it to him.

The site is super easy to use, which is a major plus for my brother since he is not extremely computer literate. He doesn’t need to be for this site though. I have bookmarked it on his computer, so all he has to do is click on the link to bring the site up. (more…)

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When I first heard about the Principal Garden development, I was instantly interested. It is not going to be completed for a couple of years, but that was fine with me. It is still closer to where I work, so I wanted to find out the Principal Garden price for the different condos to see if it was worth it for me to submit an application to live there. I went to a website that had all of the information on it about this newest development, and I really liked what I saw.

I looked at the price first, since that was going to be what determined if I could stay there. (more…)

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You do not even have to hit the ground on the ice to hurt your back. Philadelphia has some cold winters, but even on a mild day you can have ice. When the snow starts to melt, that little sheen of water on sidewalks can refreeze in shady spots pretty fast. Just a little slip and catching yourself to prevent the fall can cause a back that hurts so bad you cannot even go to work. Sciatica pain runs all the way down into your toes. It can burn like fire and throb relentlessly. My chiropractor in Philadelphia was the only one that could give me relief. She did what my regular doctor could not. (more…)

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Category: painting

The biggest challenge faced by marketers in the current digital world with lots and lots of information and promotion on social media is to attract new customers. Converting prospects to new customers is tricky for one of the biggest brands as well. To stand out from the competition in your marketplace/ industry, you need to be proactive in producing engaging content and optimizing and recycling old content. Many a times we feel that we have already published this post, so all our customers have seen it. But this is not true. A large chunk of our prospective and existing customers might not have seen it. If you present it afresh with a new look, the same post can engage a set of new audience.


Ben Angel, a bestselling author explains in one of his videos about the various ways in which you can stand out with creating unique content that your customers will value. Contentmart.com, one of the premier content service providers

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A bachelor’s degree in Art may teach you different methods and techniques in art, but it might not teach you how to sell your creative masterpieces. It sometimes just takes a single streak of luck and your work can become an instant hit among thousands of art lovers or your greatest work could stay unnoticed for no apparent reason, and might just gather rust in your studio without the world knowing what your talent is worth.

Till 1990’s the artist community suffered from lack of opportunities to present their work to the world. But in this digital age and contemporary art world seems to offer some promising outlets for artists of all ages and talents.

Showcasing Your Artwork

With the boom in art industry and opening up of art galleries and monthly art exhibitions, today’s contemporary world of art has enabled hundreds of artists to explore opportunities where they could sell their artwork. However, prior to discovering the outlets where an artist can sell his or her artwork, it is important for the artist to discover what he wants to give to this world through his art, since in the recent past, this need of

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Category: painting
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